Cut protection

Cut protection for industrial workers

IBENA CUT: Cutting edge solution!

It is in the very nature of many manufacturing processes in the glass and metal industry – but also in other production areas – that the high hazard of cuts and injuries can never be completely avoided. But it can be measurably and effectively be minimized by a high level of cut protection. IBENA as specialist for technical textiles provides a high-quality solution with IBENA CUT, setting new standards for the protection of cuts.

Measurable, high level of cut protection

The secret behind the outstanding level of protection lies in the exclusive yarn and fabric constructions, developed specifically for this product and purpose – innovations that offer an effectiveness thanks to properties not being revealed here, but its superiority is clearly expressed in measurement values and classifications. This includes the certification of IBENA CUT in accordance with EN 388 up to cut protection class 5, in accordance with EN ISO 13997 up to cut protection class F and in accordance with eco-tex standard 100, product class 2.

It goes without saying that IBENA CUT – as most of the solutions by IBENA – offers the highest wearing comfort. A light product, made of breathable and easy-care fabric with lasting functions.

We do not let anything pass – nothing: Range of applications

There is currently no other product on the market, that virtually rivals the cut protection of IBENA CUT as a premium product. Even better: The outstanding properties of IBENA CUT can be combined with other protection functions – for example as combined heat/cut protection! Due to the outstanding wearing comfort IBENA CUT is perfectly suited for use in the following applications:

  • Glass, metal, sheet-metal and plastic industries
  • Forestry
  • Special construction companies, special rescue operations
  • Kitchen operators, slaughterhouses, etc.

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All advantages at a glance:

  • High level of protection for all kinds of cuts and injuries
  • Cutting edge by innovative yarn and fabric constructions
  • Certified in accordance with EN ISO 388 up to cut protection class 5, in accordance with EN ISO 13997 up to class F, in accordance with eco-tex standard 100, product class 2
  • Highest wearing comfort: light, breathable, lasting

Cut protection