Electric Arc

Electric Arc

Let there be light – and protection

When stray light arcs are generated, danger looms large: temperatures of up to 20.000° C are releasing enormous energy – out of the blue. These are tough requirements to be met by protective textiles. We developed perfect solutions.

Quality certified

Protective clothing against thermal hazards of electric arc (ATPV) DIN EN 61482-1-1
Protective clothing against thermal hazards of electric arc (Box-Test) DIN EN 61482-1-2

High expectations

It is a known fact that industrial activities in high-voltage surroundings are among the most accident-prone processes. It is extremely useful to have solutions available as provided by us: our textiles are able to catch most of the energy discharged all of a sudden and to provide maximum protection to the wearer – more or less automatically, since no human (protective-) reaction is as fast as this discharge. Tests give proof of the textile’s efficiency.

Work clothes made of our textiles are „lightweights“. They offer a high degree of comfort of wear and mobility as is needed for high-strung jobs of utility workers.

Brilliant examples for protective solutions

Our standard solutions for electric arc are made of the most robust textiles, based on state-of-the-art textile technology.

These protection-optimized products are available as:

  • Nomex® Comfort, spun dyed, in several weights, colors and finishes
  • Nomex® Comfort, piece dyed, in several weights, colors and finishes

Bright ideas

To maximize the protection provided by our products, we have developed IBENA Arc, based on DuPont® Nomex®: a patented textile design, combining excellent comfort of wear with exceptional, lasting protection.

IBENA Soft & Dry is an additional finish to our electric arc products. Our innovative plasma process ensures an even smoother feeling on the skin and long wear life to brace all hardship at work.

Spanning the globe ...

Our solutions are appreciated by major companies operating on a global level – you could say: they travel the world. Companies such as Exxon or LyondellBasell trust the lives of their employees to our products, almost all over the world and on numerous fields of actions.

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