Fabrics for firefighters turnout gear

Reliable protection for protective forces

When the goings get hot for fire brigades and rescue service crews reliable protective textiles are crucial for survival. In cooperation with renowned partners we have developed quality textile solutions that do not only provide perfect protection but also high wearing quality and comfort... and they even look cool.

Quality certified

Protective clothing fire brigade – turn-out gear DIN EN 469
Protective clothing fire brigade – turn-out/station clothing HuPF
Protective clothing fire brigade – fire fighting in the open DIN EN 15384

Guaranteed safety – and beyond

In addition to all safety-related requirements – such as flame retardant fibres and heat insulation – other essential criteria are tested and certified to comply with DIN EN 469 and HuPF, such as tensile strength, tear strength or water and chemical repellence. In accordance with DIN EN 15384 other requirements to the fabric’s properties than water, oil or chemical repellence have to be met. Our solutions for fire brigades and rescue services meet all tests and all criteria easily and often go way beyond the high standards.

„Standard“ with integrated added value

Our standard solutions for fire brigades and rescue services provide excellent technical finishing that stands the test in every on-duty activity.

These sophisticated products are available as:

  • Nomex® Outershell Tough
  • Nomex® Comfort
  • Nomex® / Lenzing® FR Dienstbekleidung
  • Nomex® III plus Stahlfaser
  • Nomex® Advance
  • PBI® Matrix
  • PBI® Gold
  • PBI® Triguard
  • Nomex® / Lenzing® FR Hitzebarriere
  • Nomex® / Lenzing FR Futterstof

Beyond fireproof performance ...

Our products for fire brigades and rescue services provide high-tech, sophisticated and reliable solutions. In addition we are prepared to enhance the excellent properties by special fabrics and extra finishes.

When it comes to look and fashionable style and even greater wearing comfort our Nomex NXT Premium is the right choice for you. Should you need a fabric with extremely high strength we recommend solutions developed with PBI. It goes without saying that all our fabrics are available with the extremely repellent high-tech finish IBENA PowerShell...

Success and reliability worldwide

Since years our solutions have stood the test in the demanding daily routine of service crews. Among others the professional fire departments of Cologne, Dortmund, Aachen and of course Berlin are relying on this extraordinary protection. As quality and high-tech products made in Germany the material is also used and highly appreciated by fire-fighters in Wales, Hong Kong, Queensland or Rio de Janeiro.

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