IBENA Powershell - Finish

IBENA PowerShell

„IBENA PowerShell – exceptional fabric protection“

A water and oil repellent function is one of the most important characteristics of a fabric. However, this is often restricted by a kind of "wear out" effect. The innovative IBENA PowerShell technique is able to make the fabric durably water and oil repellent - while at the same time considerably increasing the degree of effectiveness.

Fluorocarbon impregnation works in the following way:

Flouorocarbon compounds, which are applied immediately after oxygen-plasma treatment of the fabric, are a central element of the protective function. After reshaping the fabric surface the plasma ions also ensure that a very significant amount of the oil and water repellent fluorocarbon is sustainably bonded with the newly extended surface. Oil, dirt, water and numerous chemicals are to a large extent kept away from the fabric for a long period of time.

IBENA PowerShell retains its protective properties completely without any chemical-based post-impregnation. In order to reactivate the original fabric protection and the very high run-off time for at least 40 washing cycles (according to EN 469), drying in a normal household dryer at 60 degrees and above ist adequate. This exceptional product function has been certified by accredited testing laboratories.

„IBENA PowerShell – protects fabric ... and more!“

IBENA PowerShell not only lends exceptional water and oil repellent properties to the fabric, it also multiplies effectiveness with the factor time. A permanent highly consitent finish adds a new dimension to fabric protection and ensures your market leadership. The high degree of resistance together with the almost unlimited duration of use of the treated fabric makes IBENA PowerShell particularly interesting for applications such as

Overview of advantages:

  • extremely water and oil repellent...
  • very dirt resistant...
  • easy to reactivate at low temperatures...

...in durable functionality!