IBENA Protect


Special fabrics! For your safety!

The most important function of fabrics is the protection of people and commercial goods. Technologically advanced textiles are required to ensure proper protection. PROTECT high-tech fabrics are made of various flame retardant yarns that meet the most demanding requirements.

„In PROTECT" - out of danger.

Our special products have been developed in response to extreme working conditions. They offer protection against heat, fire, explosions, electric arc or metal splashes. They are acid-proof and resistant to chemicals. They do not melt or drop, not even in extreme conditions. Our fabrics are safe and comfortable, they let your skin breathe, they are lightweight, extremely hardwearing and easy to clean.

When you are exposed to risks, you need (to) PROTECT!

Our fabrics are made to provide maximum protection against a wide range of risks: for fire fighters and search and rescue crews, for police and military units, in the industry (from "chemicals" to "energy"), in daily life (trains and airplanes), even in motor sports. Not only across the globe, from Singapore to Israel and the USA, but beyond: in the international space station ISS!

With unique properties.

The collection of PROTECT fabrics provides the safety needed in all kind of occupations. They are tested in our own laboratory and by several independent testing panels as to the compliance with all required standards. They meet all requirements in accordance with customer specifications. Major companies and brands are relying on us - and so can you!