Protective fabric for industrial workers

Safeguarding your production

In industrial production there is hazardous material of all kind: oil, gas, liquid metal... the protection of employees has top priority: for one thing to avoid accidents and for another thing to prevent production downtime. Here we offer special solutions: no-compromise safety combined with excellent wearing comfort, perfectly suited for days of activity close to the focus.

Quality certified

Protective clothing industry – protection against heat and flames DIN EN ISO 11612
Protective clothing industry – protection against liquid chemicals type 6 DIN EN 13034
Protective clothing industry – protection for welding DIN EN ISO 11611
Protective clothing industry – electrostatic properties DIN EN 1149-5

A variety of requirements, a wide range of solutions

„Industry“ is a vast field. Thus it is only natural that textile solutions for this field have to meet a variety of safety regulations. Safety-related properties have top priority, in particular flame retardant properties and heat insulation. In compliance with the certifications as per DIN EN ISO 11611 and 11612 as well as DIN EN 13034 and 1149-5 reliable protection of our products against chemicals, heat, liquid metal splashes as well as antistatic protection are also documented.

During the development stage both safety and comfort aspects were considered to make our products not only functional, but also convenient, comfortable and good looking.

Always on the safe side

Our standard solutions for industrial applications have all the technical features to face any sort of danger without fear.

These safe products are available as:

  • Nomex® Comfort, spun dyed, in several weights, colors and finishes
  • Nomex® Comfort, piece dyed, in several weights, colors and finishes
  • Nomex® III plus steel fiber, piece dyed, in several colors and finishes

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Our offer: protection + X

Ample protection for a number of applications in a variety of industries – what a demanding challenge. However, we went out for more and extended our range of products by special solutions.

Our optional finish of the fabric with IBENA Soft & Dry guarantees lasting cleaning abilities combined with maximum wearing comfort. As an alternative we offer IBENA PowerShell, a system that provides permanent water, oil and chemical repellence plus long wear life and easy care. This economic efficiency is highly appreciated in industrial applications.

Top safety (not only) for top companies

Numerous brand companies with stringent safety standards have been relying on our sophisticated industrial solutions for years. Our renowned clientele of various industries include Exxon, British Gas and BP, Schering and Bayer, BMW and Porsche, MOL, Sasol and Enel ...

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