Camouflage fabrics for uniforms and military combat gear

Peacemaking – in comfortable wear

Soldiers in Germany, Europe and all over the world are often deployed for a long period of time. This calls for textile solutions that do not only meet military standards but also provide great comfort of wear and do not show symptoms of fatigue after days of heavy burdens on the troops.

Quality certified

Protective clothing military - subject to different country specifications as p.ex.

Samples of camouflage prints on meta-aramid (DuPont™ Nomex®) according to military specifications and remission values: Swedish Desert, camouflage BWB, MOD UK Woodland, US Urban Camoflage

In the line of duty – function and wellbeing

We provide suitable solutions for „life under field conditions“ or other continuous stress. Flame retardant fabrics ensure more safety; optimized respiratory activity provides excellent comfort of wear, even after hours of duty.

Our fabrics are available with additional properties to meet the special requirements of military forces, such as reliable IR reflection or camouflage prints for all materials as an option. Thus our products are instrumental in increasing the safety of soldiers.

All included – so no one has to change front

Our standard solutions for the military provide allround, long-lasting, reliable functionality. Wearers can fully focus on their duties.

These extremely high-duty products are available as:

  • Nomex® Comfort, piece dyed, in several weights, camouflage prints, colors and finishes
  • Nomex® Comfort, spun dyed, in several weights, colors and finishes
  • Cotton/Polyester FR, piece dyed, in several weights, camouflage prints, colors and finishes
  • Cotton FR, piece dyed, in several weights, camouflage prints, colours and finishes

More possibilities, more uses

With regard to military applications very specific requirements to the fabrics have to be met. Many properties are already „woven into“ our products; for additional requirements we offer special fabrics and extra finishes.

From a military point of view camouflage print on Nomex® can be crucial in certain situations. From an economical point of view a finish with IBENA Soft & Dry is an excellent choice, since it provides easy care and long wear life. In addition, a finish with IBENA Soft & Dry ensures highest possible comfort of wear. And when it comes to functionality our vector protection is a great asset in all outdoor duties. We have a sophisticated solution for almost any specification ...

At ease on duty worldwide

Our solutions do not only meet the stringent quality requirements of the German military, but are also in action in other European states. They are used, among others, by the armed forces in Italy, France and Sweden. They also stand the test in the most adverse climate in some countries of the Middle East or in Singapore.

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