„Pole position“ for protection

In motor sports there is always the risk that lives are depending on functional protective clothing. Since we do not want our customers to hang on by a thread we have developed highly specialized textiles for the manufacture of outfits subject to FIA and SFI certifications. They protect the teams on and off the circuit – including the top drivers.

Quality certified

Protective clothing motor racing FIA certification (after processing)
Protective clothing motor racing SFI partial test fabrics

Colour samples of Meta-Aramid (DuPont™ Nomex®) Motorsport fabrics

Power next to your skin

In racing things can get rough and hot. Flame resistance of the outfit is crucial in FIA material tests, and our textiles take center stage. The TPP tests of SFI focus on heat insulation. Again our products are running in the front line.

Sportswear has to provide both – comfort inside, and a good look outside: people should feel quite at ease when wearing materials made by us. Functionality is everything in motor sports outfits, and our developing team takes that into account.

High-end serial production

Our standard solutions for motor racing have already outdistanced a great number of other products – not least because our perfect protection looks great.

These high-speed products are available as:

  • Nomex®, piece dyed, in several weights and colors
  • Nomex®, spun dyed

Extra specials for the home stretch

We regard motor sports as a challenge to our innovative capabilities and to our quality production. The ever-growing requirements to weight, color and look of the outfits raise the bar higher.

We meet these requirements by new, highly functional and also tailor-made solutions, developed and implemented in cooperation with our customers.

Are you interested in „special“ solutions? Then put your special questions and requests here!

Internationally geared ...

You have probably seen our solutions in action, on the long and short race tracks of the world. Renowned outfitters for racing teams of all classes rely on our know-how, Sparco among others.

Contact us. We will either tell you when to watch truly „moving“ impressions of our products on TV, or we’ll offer you a non-obligatory live experience.

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