Police & Special Forces

Fabric and cloth for police and special forces

Protection ... and action!

There is hardly another field of application for fabrics to satisfy such a great variety of requirements: When policemen and task force members go about their daily routine comfort and appearance are important – when they go out on special missions a high degree of functionality is required... out there they will have to face challenges of all kind. As a consequence our product range includes comfortable uniforms as well as reliable protective ballistic clothing.

Quality certified

Protective clothing police subject to different specifications of countries and federal states

Perfect for our friend in need

No call to action is like the other – a challenge not only for the policemen and special task forces but also a strain on their workwear. All our textiles provide a high degree of flame retardant properties and are shining through permanent oleophobic, water-repellent and hydrophobic impregnations.

When it comes to comfort our products are distinguished by excellent tensile strength, outstanding colour fastness and good wear. Our special textiles are a well balanced combination of fashion and function.

Tough standard

Our standard solutions for police and special task forces are meant to be extremely flexible: they are made to fit the situation and to meet customer’s specifications.

These application-optimized products are available as spun dyed Nomex® Comfort in several weights, colours and finishes.

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Something special for special duties

The properties of our textiles can be further enhanced to increase protection and comfort – and to extend the range of action and the motivation of those in action.

IBENA PowerShell provides permanent protection against water, oil and chemicals. They weather all storms, and still keep up their appearance. When worn daily – as is the case for policemen and task force members – this is of significant economic value.

An outfit with IBENA Soft & Dry guarantees a high degree of comfort, easy care and long wear life.

Always and (almost) everywhere in action ...

Due to the solid and robust quality our solutions are fit for all levels of action taken by police and task forces: not only the Federal Ministry of the Interior, but also police authorities in several federal states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, Hessia or Brandenburg are relying on the allround functionality both in office and field service.

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