EN Norms

Firefighting: Test and certification of personal protective equipment

HuPF Production and testing specification for universal firefighters turn out gear and station wear.
EN469 Protective clothing for firefighters / European norm

Industry: Relevant European Norms for personal protective clothing

EN 340 Protective clothing, general requirements
EN 343 Protective clothing: protection against bad weather
EN 348 Protective clothing; determination of behaviour of materials on impact of small splashes of molten metal
ISO 694d2:2002 Protective clothing against Heat and fire convection
EN 367 Protective clothing; protection against heat and flames
determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame
EN 368 Protective clothing for use against liquid chemicals; resistance of materials to penetration by liquids
EN 468 Protective clothing - ProtDetermination of resistance to penetration by spray (Spray-Test)
EN 470 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes - General requirement
EN 471 High-visibility warning clothing
EN 530 Abrasion resistance of protective clothing material
EN ISO 11612:2008 Protective clothing for workers exposed to heat (EN531)
EN ISO 15025:2002 Protective clothing against heat and flames. Test procedure for limited flame spread
EN 533 Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Limited flame spread materials and material assemblies
EN 1149 Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties
DIN EN 25077 Textiles; determination of dimensional change in washing and drying (ISO 5077)
Test method
IEC/CD 61482-2:2006
Protective cloting against electric arc