Vector Protection

IBENA Vector protection

IBENA Vector protection: Our pest control program

In all kinds of outdoor activities people may suffer severely or even be in danger, when insects such as mosquitoes, ticks or flees carry bacteria, virus or parasites. The idea to „weave“ insecticides into clothing is not new – but we have developed a vector protection more efficient than anything else ...

And this is how IBENA vector protection works:

IBENA succeeded in applying long-lasting one-side impregnation of fabrics of 100% Nomex® Comfort with the active substance Permethrin. Permethrin as fatal toxicant for (only) insects will kill the potential bloodsuckers within minutes. The one-side impregnation on the outside prevents unnecessary skin contact with the substance – the permanent impregnation ensures full protection by the substance even after 100 and more washing cycles.

The hydrophilic finish of the inside ensures fast moisture transport and maximum comfort of wear. Inherent flame-retardant fibres provide additional protection.

IBENA vector protection: The textile that „sucks“!

Our standard finish of the vector protection on Nomex® fabrics complies with the requirements of TL 8305-0331. For military use the textiles can be additionally finished with camouflage prints as specified. Primary application in:

Advantages at a glance:

  • efficient and non-irritating insect protection...
  • fast moisture transport...
  • comfortable to wear...
  • long-lasting vector protection on the fabric... durable functionality!