IBENA Soft & Dry - Finish

IBENA Soft & Dry

„IBENA Soft & Dry – exceptional wearing comfort“

Factors contributing to wearing comfort include a consistent hig-quality appearance and high functionality combined with excellent cleanability, a pleasant feeling on the skin and quick drying. The innovative plasma protection of IBENA Soft & Dry lends these properties to the fabric.

Plasma protection works the following way:

With our innovative IBENA Soft & Dry technique, fabric is treated using oxygen plasma generated under vacuum. The free ions of the plasma react with the fabric causing it to be permanently reshaped. The resulting extende surface retains its new capacities even after a longer period of intensive use!

The excellent properties of the treated fabric include, among other things, greatly improved cleanability as the dirt particles do not adhere well to the new surface, faster drying and an extremely soft wearing feel. The most interesting aspect, however, is that these wide-ranging features are achieved without using any chemicals!

„IBENA Soft & Dry - This is what you get ...“

With its combinde advantages - from permanent easy cleaning through improved comfort to fast fabric drying - IBENA Soft & Dry makes your fabric more comfortable and durable... key competitive advantages. These properties ensure maximum customer satisfaction, in particular for the following applications:

Overview of advantages:

  • high cleanability...
  • pleasant wearing comfort...
  • fast drying...

...in durable functionality!